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Credit is confusing AF—but we all need it to get ahead in life. That's why Credit Talk exists. Extra and @hellotefi are breaking down all things credit, so you can stop stressing (and maybe even enjoy it). Catch new episodes of Credit Talk every week on @extra.card.


Debit that builds credit. Seriously.

You can’t win with credit until you start building it—don’t worry, we got you here too. The Extra Card is the first debit card that builds credit and earns reward points, too. No credit checks. Use your bank. Yes, really.

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Earn up to 1% back in redeemable rewards points by swiping your Extra Card for everyday purchases. Plus, enter amazing giveaways with coveted prizes, from a Playstations 5 to the iPhone 14 and more.

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Extra does not check your credit score.