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6 Black Personal Finance Influencers You Should Follow

Imagine it’s 8 p.m. on an ordinary Sunday night. You’re probably scrolling through TikTok and watching more Get Ready With Me videos than you can count, right? 

While it’s definitely fun to get a peek at how other people live on social media, you could make spending free time on these apps both fun and educational by following some personal finance accounts. 

In honor of Black History Month, we wanted to feature Black content creators who share knowledge about money management in an accessible and exciting way. Consider trying their tips for yourself and share what you learn with fam and friends. 

Together we can support these experts and other Black content creators all year long for the tools and expertise they share online. 

Bola Sokunbi at Clever Girl Finance

Sokunbi is the founder and CEO of Clever Girl Finance. Growing up, she was inspired by her mother’s personal finance journey to empower more women with these skills. 

As a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) and bestselling author, Sokunbi now inspires her community of over 300,000 Instagram followers to better understand money and achieve their financial goals with free online courses, YouTube videos, and daily articles on her blog. 

Dasha Kennedy at The Broke Black Girl 

Yes, you can maintain friendships and go after your dreams while saving money–thanks to resources and knowledge drops from financial activist Dasha Kennedy at The Broke Black Girl

Kennedy’s personal finance content is centered around equity and education. With over 227,000 Instagram followers, her work encourages you to take responsibility for your personal finances without feeling lost and not sure where to start. From her blog, ebooks, and other free resources, you’ll feel like you're catching up with a close friend about their favorite money tips. 

Gigi at First Gen Money Musings 

Healthy income is an essential part of a strong financial foundation. Gigi at First Gen Money Musings implements career development advice to her everyday personal finance content. 

Keeping your resume polished and knowing where to find the best opportunities is just as important as holding yourself accountable to your monthly budget. Gigi inspires her community to achieve this balance with over 20,000 Instagram followers.

Chris Browning at Popcorn Finance 

Learning about personal finance doesn’t have to sound boring like a novel you just can’t get into. For Chris Browning, host of Popcorn Finance, personal finance can be understood “in the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn.”

On his podcast, Browning covers everything from student loans, credit, and even side hustles to make extra $$$. His podcast has been downloaded over 1.7 million times, and he’s been featured in Forbes and The New York Times. Brush up on your personal finance skills by listening to his episodes at the gym or on your morning commute. 

Tiffany Aliche at The Budgetnista 

New York Times bestselling author and personal finance educator Tiffany Aliche has reached over two million women worldwide at The Budgetnista. Her previous career as a preschool teacher inspired her to start sharing personal finance education through social media. 

Recently, she was featured as an expert on the Netflix documentary, Get Smart With Money (2022), to help people make better choices with cash. In 2021, she was the first Black woman featured solo on the cover of Money magazine. Be sure to check out her blog for more tips to get you ahead on your personal finance journey. 

Talaat and Tai McNeely at His and Her Money

After getting married with over $30,000 in debt, Talaat and Tai McNeely began their journey to pay off debt and build generational wealth. Now debt-free and first-generation millionaires, they share the lessons and habits they’ve applied over the years on their blog His and Her Money

In addition to their blog and popular YouTube channel, the McNeelys also have a podcast where they interview other personal finance experts on how you can improve your relationship with money. 

Supporting Black personal finance content creators doesn’t end in February. Uplift the work of these creators every month, and be sure to follow them for more content and resources. Although money is fun to spend, it can also be fun to invest, save, and be better at managing with these influencers at your side. 

*Extra highlighted exceptional Black financial social media influencers and content creators. Extra is not affiliated with these content creators and does not endorse or recommend any products or services they provide.

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