What is Credit Talk?

What is Credit Talk?

When you’re new to it, the credit world makes absolutely zero sense. 
Whether your credit score changed or you are still not entirely sure what a credit score is;  we’ve got the content for you.

Let’s get one thing straight: they should’ve taught you this in school. But they didn’t. The good news is: this is your story, your main character arc – and we’ve got the sidekick just for you.

Influencer extraordinaire @hellotefi linked with us to make Credit Talk, a show dedicated to answering your burning finance questions. That’s right; Batman doesn’t always wear a cape. 

You know her; you love her, but did you know she’s got everything you need to know about finance? That’s right – Tefi is here to teach you why financial literacy is a must.

Below, we’ll explore the different parts of our Credit Talk series and why you must check it out. Your wallet will thank you.

Who is Tefi Pessoa?

Don’t pretend you don’t know. Tefi is a Cancer Sun, Leo moon, Beyonce rising, and a genuine TikTok star. Get this: Complex writes about her and she’s got her own IMDB

As she so gracefully puts it: “I feel like I was put on this Earth to make everybody feel more comfortable at the dinner party that is life.” 

Now, Tefi’s turning the floor to you and your financial issues. Through our new series, Credit Talk, Tefi takes to the streets, her fans, and her peers to dig up all she can about finance. You can keep up with Credit Talk on EXTRA’s socials:

Through these bite-size webisodes, you’ll become knowledgeable on all things finance. In today’s world, what more could you want?

The Different Sides of Credit Talk

Credit Talk covers everything you need to know to kickstart your financial journey. Let’s check out all of Tefi’s different segments. 

Term of the Day

Finance comes with all kinds of jargon that isn’t self-explanatory. Credit score? Mortgage loan? Interest rate

Lucky you. Tefi’s term of the day targets all the tricky phrases you don’t know. In this show, Tefi takes a humorous approach to tackle the unfamiliars. 

In a breezy minute, you’ll laugh and learn all the terms you didn’t know – letting you take over your finances efficiently. 

Tefi on the Street

In this segment, Tefi takes on the world like it’s hers and stops roadside strangers to ask about finances. 

The answers to a seemingly simple question like “How does credit work?” show how little many of us know about finances. 
Take this exchange.
Tefi: “Do you know what a mortgage loan is.”

Person: “No. I rent apartments.” 

Watching this segment is a fun way of educating yourself and seeing that you’re not alone in the world. And hey, maybe you’ll know an answer or two—Ding ding ding.


Honest Interviews

Peep our guest stars. Ru Paul Drag Race’s very own Symone is here to assist. This drag queen (and Capricorn) has all the credit knowledge to help you maximize your wallet. 

In this segment, Tefi and a special guest discuss every topic under the sun, from financial struggles to stability. 

Seeing two people share honest stories about their financial journey is rare.

Credit Tips

Sometimes, we just need it straight. Credit Tips is about clearing distractions and getting to the bone. 

In this series, Tefi bursts onto the scene with all kinds of credit knowledge. Are you looking for tips for financial planning? Tefi’s got your back. Are you looking to clean up your credit score? Tefi’s still got your back.
See the pattern? So pull up a chair, and let Tefi give you the best tips. She’ll give you all the knowledge you need. 

Credit Tales

Sometimes, we just want to vent. Credit Tales is a safe space to get anything off your chest: the good, the bad, and everything in between. 

Our very own Tefi Pessoa reads fan-submitted finance stories in this telling segment, from co-signing challenges to the dangers of not checking your credit report

There’s no judgment here, no shame, no name-calling. Tefi turns the stories around to fill us in. That’s right; we can learn from all our best suffering. 

Max Out Your Knowledge; Watch Credit Talk

Before you go maxing out your credit card, learn what you can. As Tefi says: “The key to staying young is being curious, teachable… and having good credit.”  Different segments include Term of the Day, Tefi on the Street, Honest Interviews, Credit Tips, and much more!

Why is financial literacy critical? Because money makes up every facet of our lives. As much as we’d love to be free of all things finance, our financial decisions impact our present and future moments. (Try buying a car with a bad credit score.)

The more you learn, the less stressed you’ll have to be, and the more you’ll feel comfortable making purchases and eating out. Because hey, we all have to treat ourselves once in a while.

Things can seem frightening when you’re just starting, but Tefi and EXTRA are here to help you. Hopefully, we can teach you a thing or two, and you’ll head into the world with all the best tips and tricks. If you want to read more, hit our blog for all the best info. 

No matter what stage you’re in, we’ve got you covered. 

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